Pre-Meeting workshops will be taking place on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November 2023 at the National Convention Centre. These can be added on when completing the registration form for the Meeting.



New Fellows Workshops

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Swan Room
Cost: no cost

Description: Join us for a day of interactive and informative sessions, starting with an exciting session from members of the PEM Network including Pearls and Pitfalls which will take you through rapid fire tips and updates on core paediatric emergency topics including hot tips from our paediatric emergency panel. Then we will break up for a round robin speed dating for paeds procedures – cannulas, rashes and much more.

You will also hear shared experiences on transitions to FACEM and gain knowledge on career sustainability and leadership.

Later Career Workshop attendees will join the group for the final session with guest speaker, orthopaedic pioneer, and multifaceted leader Dr Annette Holian followed by panel discussion which will consider taking the challenges in life, learning from them and continually reflecting on personal performance with a view to being a better leader, a better team member and getting the best outcome for patients.

The workshop will finish with an opportunity to network with colleagues.

View the full program here.

FACEM as Educator Workshop – Part A and B

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
: Derwent Room
Cost: Part A – $150pp, Part B – $150pp

Part A: FACEM as Educator: Teaching & Assessing Under Pressure
Participants will gain knowledge and insights regarding the next steps in the implementation of the revised FACEM Training Program, including the training and assessment requirements of Training Stages 3 and 4, strategies for gathering data on trainee performance in the ED and beyond, and how to use that data to best prepare the new generation of FACEMs. Stories and strategies for supporting FACEM trainees to not only survive but thrive in the ED as trainees as well as service providers will also be shared.

Part B: FACEM as Educator & Supervisor of Colleagues: Supporting SIMGs on the pathway to FACEM
SIMGs on the pathway to FACEM often describe working and training in ‘no man’s land’ – they are neither novice to Emergency Medicine nor expert in EM practice in Australia and Aotearoa. Participants will gain knowledge and insights into how best to support and, in some case supervise, SIMGs on their pathway to Fellowship from identifying specific needs, utilising culturally response teaching tools to optimise training and practising strategies for giving feedback to SIMGs who come with many and varied experiences in their country of origin.

Toxicology Workshop

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Fitzroy Room
Cost: $350pp

Description: This workshop will give you the opportunity to catch up on the latest in Toxicology. It will be led by experts in the field. Polish up on recent guideline changes, high yield topics in toxicology and opportunities for simulation.

The Progress POCUS and SLICE Workshop

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Murray Room

Ultrasound workshop – Part 1
“Progress POCUS” is aimed at completion of the ACEM ultrasound credentialing process for FACEMs, fellows and trainees. Experts in ultrasound will be present to proctor your scans as well as carry out formative and summative assessments for eFAST, AAA, Lung and Focused Echo In Life Support (FLES). Proctored scans can be entered into your logbook (for hospital credentialing or for CCPU purposes) where up to 50% of logbook cases can be “non-clinically” indicated

Ultrasound workshop – Part 2
SLICE protocol (aka the “quick and easy” RUSH protocol). This ultrasound session will workshop a stepwise approach to using POCUS in the assessment of the shocked or SOB patient. There will then be practice with real-time feedback to make the most of this essential skill, as well as the opportunity for summative assessment and competency assessment for those that wish to do so.

Forensic Workshop

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Torrens Room
Cost: $265pp

Description: Do you want to hone your skills in attending court as an expert witness, without the real life pressure of legal proceedings? Learn from a Forensic Medicine specialist in a mock court scenario including tips and insider knowledge to assist you in being an expert expert witness.

Later Career Workshop

Time: 12:30 – 5:00pm
Location: Torrens Room
Cost: no cost

Description: This half-day workshop will cover a series of topics and themes curated by the Later Career Program Working Group. Join us for an engaging and interactive session where presenters will share their knowledge, insights and experiences.

New Fellows Workshop attendees will join the group for the final session with guest speaker, orthopaedic pioneer, and multifaceted leader Dr Annette Holian followed by panel discussion which will consider taking the challenges in life, learning from them and continually reflecting on personal performance with a view to being a better leader, a better team member and getting the best outcome for patients.

The workshop will finish with an opportunity to network with colleagues.

View the full program here.


AWE Leadership Workshop – Skills for Future Leaders

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Swan Room
Cost: $265pp

Description: Leadership. We know what it looks like when it goes well (and when it doesn’t). We all have leaders we aspire to, and we think we know what makes a good leader. As we progress in our careers, we know it’s something we should embody ourselves.

But when and how does that transformation occur?
What can we do to get there?
And how do we ensure we become the great leaders we want to be?

ACEM’s Advancing Women in Emergency Network is proud to deliver this workshop for all future leaders. You may have attended leadership workshops in the past- a how-to of CVs, courses, and finding your niche. Instead, this workshop delves deeper into the avenues and obstacles of the leadership journey. We will focus on those unspoken barriers that often lie between our vision of a leader and the reality of getting there.

In this workshop you will learn about:
1. Calming your Critic (and Embracing your Cheerleader) – The powerful inner narratives that can help or hinder us in our goals
2. Overcoming Setbacks and learning to Bounce Forwards – Strategies to reframe and overcome failure
3. Crossing the Intersection – The unique and additional challenges that come with an intersectional lens. How this is different for women, POC, LGBTQI+ etc and how to change your perspective to address this.

Emergency Obstetrics and Gynaecology Workshop

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
: Murray Room
Cost: $265pp

Description: This half day workshop will further divide into smaller group workshops designed to sharpen your skills in managing widely feared and infrequently seen obstetric emergencies. Coached by a group of experienced Obstetricians you will update your knowledge and hone your ability to manage emergencies including eclampsia, primary and secondary PPH and complications of imminent delivery in ED including shoulder dystocia and breech delivery.

Critical Care Procedures Workshop

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Fitzroy Room
Cost: $400pp

Description: This procedures workshop has been developed by Verdigris Medical Education and will be delivered by experienced FACEMs and Emergency Nursing Staff.
In a relaxed and collaborative environment participants will perform 16 practical procedures over 3.5 hrs.
Each candidate will be offered a link to optional pre-course videos and a short formative assessment prior to attending the course. 5hrs of reviewing performance CPD will be awarded in addition to completion of the Airway/Breathing/Circulation and Scope of Practice procedural skills CPD requirement.

Wild EM Workshop – Cancelled

Somewhat ironically , the facilitators have each managed to significantly injure their legs in the wilderness… in separate unrelated incidents. Unfortunately they won’t be up for hiking around the bush to plan and run the workshop.  Thankyou so much for your interest, please make sure you check out Dave’s talk about wilderness learning on Thursday morning for a taste of WildEM.

Time: 8:45am – 1:30pm

Description: WildEM is an interactive half day outdoor workshop that uses small group activities to teach key Emergency Medicine principles with an emphasis on problem-solving in low resource settings. Teams will navigate between stations in a bush environment and will require lateral thinking and a sense of adventure to succeed.
Participants of all fitness levels and experience are welcomed, however should be aware that clothing appropriate for bushwalking including sturdy shoes, sun protection and raincoat will be required. Please note that adverse weather is likely to be seen as an added challenge rather than a reason to postpone. Previous activities in this much-loved Canberra Hospital run day out have included swift water rescue, a rock climbing trauma, a mass casualty lightning strike and an intoxicated nature lover – what is in store for you?

Block That Pain! Nerve Blocks, Multimodal Analgesia and Tools to Combat Oligoanalgesia in Older Person Workshop

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Derwent Room
Cost: $265pp

Description: Assessment and management of acute pain in frail older people can be challenging due to frailty, polypharmacy, and possible underlying cognitive impairment.
Stop Oligoanalgesia and join our workshop to learn about pain assessment and management including multimodal analgesia and a hands-on nerve block station.
If you provide care for older people in your ED, this workshop is for you!

Interested in only attending a workshop at the ASM?

The workshops are currently only available for delegates who have purchased a full ASM ticket or a day ticket. If you are interested in attending a workshop only (and not join the full ASM program), we ask that you please put your name on the waitlist below and we will contact you after the 20th of October if there are spaces available.